You're not afraid of the hustle,
but you are coveting a little flow.

You are an amazing, stylish, prolific woman who just wants to have it all.

Is that too much to ask? Your career is white hot and you’re super passionate about your “side projects.” Perhaps you even have visions of those projects taking center stage. Your friends and family marvel at all you’re able to accomplish and all the fabulous things you’re up to. But something feels off. Behind the facade, you’re fading. You feel blocked, drained, overwhelmed and frustrated.

There’s a higher level you know you can reach, but you’re not sure how to get there, or even if you can. Your negative thinking is as disruptive as gum on the bottom of your Manolo. And, your habit of comparing yourself to your peers has become as bad as your fro-yo-for-dinner nights. You thought you’d be further along in your professional and personal journey by now.

You’re losing yourself in the hustle.

There’s got to a better way, right?

  • To build a business without burning out
  • To truly shine in your day job without sacrificing your physical or mental well-being
  • To create a life that doesn’t feel like a consistent 10.0mph run on the treadmill

If you’ve got a killer career and you’re pouring your heart and soul into building your own business on the side, expert advice, a collection of tools, and a community of like-minded women await you in:

The After 5 Club is a step-by-step online roadmap to help you find, celebrate and bank on your inner business bombshell. Find the path to professional and personal freedom, fulfillment and well-being.

This program will help answer your soul’s call for balance, ease and abundance while you create


  • Want to be more powerful and influential in your own life
  • Want more freedom, balance, time, and money
  • Want to create more meaningful relationships and take better care of yourself and others
  • Would like to command the support you know you deserve
  • Want to actualize on all those ideas you’ve had and see clearly how to move forward effectively without fear of failure
  • Shed the shame and embarrassment you might feel around still working a job and not being a full time entrepreneur

I’ve built a successful business while working full-time in a high-pressure corporate environment. And I know that it is not easy. Like the make-yourself-sick kind of not easy.

I’ve worked for some of the biggest fashion brands and Fortune 500 companies, managing financials, developing business strategies, growing the brand and improving the bottom line.

From the outside (and from the looks of my shoe collection), I appeared to have it all. But, I was deeply dissatisfied, and was anxiously grabbing at fashion, men, alcohol and my career to fill the void. I was more than $40K in debt. And I’d partied my way to poor health, hospital visits and an autoimmune disease.

In the last 10 years, I’ve crawled my way out of debt and back into good financial and physical health. Diving into self-help, I’ve studied with some of the most celebrated experts in their fields, whether in spirituality and self-help (Gabrielle Bernstein) or entrepreneurship and business (Daymond John and T. Harv Eker).

Now I’m working and living the life I want for myself. I own the fact that I’m still in the corporate world, rocking the boardroom and my business at the same time. I want the same for you.

You’ll walk away knowing how to:

  • Better leverage your time
  • Find balance between your high-powered corporate life and the call to build your own business
  • Find new fulfilling relationships and repair old ones that have fallen by the wayside and find your success squad
  • Make the kind of money you wish you were making
  • Build a business, create a business model, develop a budget and pay down debt
  • Get seen and heard by the right people
  • Achieve peace of mind, a healthy body and increased balance while you build your empire
  • Simply find the time to have a little more fun


Essential Mindset Shifts and Tools for Motivation, Clarity and Getting Anything You Want

The keys to getting what you want and living a life you love is contingent on your mindset. Do you have a success mindset? Want to learn how to cultivate the mental habits of super successful people? In this module, we cover the #1 way to remove any doubt and defeat the feeling of lack (especially that “not good enough” feeling!). I unveil my secret weapon for staying motivated everyday and tactics for gaining super-focused clarity in your business and in your life. I share the fundamental tools for getting anything you want and everything you need to know about how to do it all and have it all.


Manage Your Time and Resources by Redefining What’s Important and What It Means to Have It All

Time is your greatest asset and also your most limited natural resource. Learn how to effectively manage and structure your time to balance between the day job and your own business (without burn-out!). I’ll teach you how to leverage time so you can build your business and work your day while still having a life. You’ll receive my “Top 10 Actions List” to create more balance in your life.


Find Your Fun Again and Other Acts of Radical Self-Love

The quality of your energy is as important as how much of it you have — how long you can keep going before burning out. The ticket to keeping your spirits up and staying positive is directly related to how kind and loving you are to yourself. Do you give yourself what you need? This week, learn my best-kept secrets for creating a simply self-love routine and the fundamental of fun (What is fun for you now?). Receive actionable tips for having more fun more regularly. If you need inspiration, get your hands on my list of 30 fun things you can do, right now.


It’s All About Visability and Converting That Visability Into A Transaction

You must be seen and heard by the right people in order to gain momentum and collect cash! We are talking about how to taken aligned action so you can see that cash coming in. I will be teaching how to grow your list effectively, blogging, how to increase your credibility and manifest exactly what you want. Sales funnels, marketing & signing on clients oh my!


The Real Deal on Structuring a Business, Saving and Making Money, and Doing It Debt-Free

Dreaming of a successful business is all well and good. But you need practical advice and tools if you are going to get there. This week, learn how to get out of debt while building a business and everything you need to do in order to save money while starting a business (especially when you feel like you are already strapped for cash). Get a handle on the fundamentals of budgeting while building a business, starting with your business model and then, learn how to price your products or services perfectly.


Programs, Packages And Pricing Oh My!

We are talking about about programs, packages and pricing and all about what you can sell right now for quick cash and how to strategically position your service/product so that you will have a waiting list! Putting yourself out there can be scary, but not if you’re prepared. This week, I fill you in on the #1 thing you can do to boost your confidence in attracting any client. You’ll also get the top 5 things you must do to acquire the perfect clients for your business. I’ll also let you in on the #1 mistake most entrepreneurs make and the tricks for finding clients while you’re at work.


Banish Burnout and Bad Health to Be the Best You

You know that self-care is essential for living an optimal life. It’s even more important when you’re on the verge of something big. And you are! So this week, you’ll get my tips for avoiding burnout and managing your energy more effectively. You’ll also have access to my secret formula for optimal health while leading a busy lifestyle.


Catch up on any modules you missed or any homework that you did not finish. Spend some time in the private community and take advantage of extra challenges and accountability quests.


How to Actually Improve Your Relationships (or Lack Thereof) While Building Your Empire

Having it all means also having someone(s) to share it with. Whether you’re pining for a meaningful romantic relationship or want to improve your bond with family and friends, the status of your relationships can add fuel or become a drag on your self worth. During the radical relationship revamp learn how to cultivate and grow relationships while building a business and working a day job. I’ll share my #1 strategy for improving your relationships. And you’ll learn the keys of communication. Learn what to tell friends, family and potential clients when they ask what you do.


How and When to Leave the Day Job and Identifying the Escape Route That’s Right for Your Unique Situation

Maybe you’re running for the door. Or maybe you’re scared out of your wits to leave your job. Either way, this week, we’ll talk about when it’s safe to dump the job (for some, faster is better!) We’ll identify any tipping point cues, and make the transition to a full-time entrepreneur easier. I’ll talk to you about what to expect after leaving your day job and exactly what you need in order to set yourself up confidently to step away from your desk, cubicle or office.


How to Become An Effective Leader & Make Sure You Pick & Develop A Dream Team

If you have something to share with this world then you will have to step into the shoes of being a leader. I will be going over the top 10 steps that you must take in order to become an effective leader. I will also teach the in’s and out’s of choosing your dream team because if you are not fully supported how can you share your gifts to the world effectively?


The Spiritual Practice That Will Set You Up for Success

By now you’ll have mastered the practical skills associated with becoming a business bombshell. Now, it’s time to work on the inner game. This week, you’ll gain an understanding of why a solid spiritual practice sets you up for success. I’ll share the secret spiritual lessons that have guided me to the next level in my business. Together, we’ll unearth the impact of your past experiences. Emotionally, physically and spiritually, it all affects you. And, on a practical level, you’ll learn how to incorporate a give-back module into your business.

The After 5 Club convenes LIVE for a limited time but you have access for life. You receive topical, precise, easy-to-follow guidance via audio downloads, worksheets and PDFs. We will have LIVE weekly calls to cover the content, which will be recorded so you can work at their own pace. We also all hop on the line and have live weekly Q&A calls where you can ask of me any questions you like.


Kavita J Patel
Intuitive Love Coach

Rachel Dealto
Love Coach

Rachel Dealto
Love Coach

Tiffany "The Budgetnista" Aliche, Financial Expert

Tiffany "The Budgetnista" Aliche,
Financial Expert

Jo-Ná A. Williams, Esq.

Jo-Ná A. Williams, Esq.

Arielle Haspel, Healthy Lifestyle Expert

Arielle Haspel
Healthy Lifestyle Expert

Jairek, Bestselling Author & Performance Coach

Jairek Robbins
Bestselling Author & Performance Coach

Brittney Castro, Certified Financial Planner™

Brittney Castro
Certified Financial Planner™

Rachel Luna, Business Coach

Rachel Luna
Best Selling Author & Business Confidence Coach

Michelle Goldblum, Branding Expert

Michelle Goldblum
Branding Expert

Nitika Chopra, Certified Life Coach

Nitika Chopra
Certified Life Coach

Riikka Rajamaki


Riikka Rajamaki
Wellness Coach & Author of The 9 to 5 Diet



Due Today: $1,397.00



$720 on commitment

*You’ll be billed $720 in 30 days



$485 on commitment

*You’ll be billed $485 in 30 days

*You’ll be billed the third installment of $485 in 60 days



$250 on commitment

*You’ll be billed $250 every 30 days for 6 months



$199 on commitment

*You’ll be billed $199 every 30 days for 12 months



(includes 3 – 45 minute 1 on 1 sessions with Kelly)

Due Today: $2,500.00



$1260 on commitment

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$855 on commitment

*You’ll be billed $855 in 30 days

*You’ll be billed the third installment of $855 in 60 days



$440 on commitment

*You’ll be billed $440 every 30 days for 6 months



When you purchase the regular or VIP package you will receive a 4th Quarter After 5 Club Business Plan with Kelly Lynn Adams which includes:

  • 1 – 60 minutes laser coaching strategy call, brainstorm an exit strategy plan for you.
  • 3 webinar/call/blog or email topics for your service/product.
  • Opt-in freebie ideas.
  • Program/product offering & ideas.
  • Client strategy plan of where to find your next clients.

Refund Policy: At this time, we do not offer refunds. You are either in or out. We give 110% in our content, lessons and strategies. If you show up 100% and bring your total commitment to the work, you will see results.


What if I don’t have the time to attend the live weekly calls?

That is totally ok! The program is set up for all the calls to be recorded incase you miss them as we built this program with you in mind knowing you have 101 things going on in your life. The homework, worksheets and Q&A calls will all be within the membership area for you to download at you own pace. There will also be 3 implementation weeks for you to catch up incase you fall behind, because we know how life can sometimes get in the way. However if you can not carve out 2-3 hours a week to this program so that you can create a better business and life for yourself, I would recommend not joining the program. We want you to get the results you are looking for but achieving results does require some time and effort that is invested.

How much 1 on 1 attention will I get? I don’t want to sign up for another program that I am just a number in.

There will be weekly Live Q&A calls (60 mins) with myself which there will be an opportunity for you to get your questions answered. Also if you purchase this course during the Early Bird Special you will receive a 60 minute consultation with just you and me. Other than that you will have a chance to post questions and get guidance and support within the private community – this will be a mastermind like community where others will be helping, guiding and giving feedback to everyone.

I promised myself I wouldn’t take anymore courses. Why should I sign up for this one?

Let this be the course that ends your course addiction. Some people take courses because they are searching for the one simple trick, tool or magic pill for their business and life to take off. Sorry to break it to you but there is no such thing. You must take consistent action, be clear, confident and ready to work in order to make significant changes within your life and business. If you commit to this course and do the work you will see the results that you want!

What if I want to stay in my job and build my business on the side? What if I want to leave my job yesterday? Is this course still for me?

Yes this course is geared towards both scenarios. If you want to stay in your job and build a business and make some money at your passion this course will show you how to do that successfully. If you want to leave your day job so that you can focus more on your business this course will also be for you as we will be creating an exit strategy plan for all of you in this stage.

Why is there no Refund Policy?

We believe when you fully show up you will get results. The content is powerful and has proven to get results for the thousands before you; however we ask that before you consider signing up that you are honest with yourself as to if you can fully show up and do the work. If you have any hesitation we recommend that you do not sign up as you will probably not get the full benefit. However once you do sign up and you fall behind there are implementation weeks to bring you right back up to speed also once you sign up you will receive lifetime access to this program and take it as many times as you would like.

Who exactly is this program for?

This program is for women who are in corporate jobs who are looking to leave their 9 to 5 or monetize on their ideas, it is also for the woman who has a side hustle or a few while growing their business. It is also for the woman who has a lot going on and wants to maximize their time, be more productive, find more time for themselves and manage their mindset to get to that next level in business and life. This program is not geared towards any one industry but anyone who has an online, service-based or product-based businesses. Past participants included coaches, freelancers, consultants, web designers, virtual assistants, social media managers, publicity and branding experts, healers, copywriters and pretty much anyone else that has an awesome business or idea – it is ok if you do not have a business yet…if you have an idea, a willingness to work dedication and passion then the course is for you.

Can I pay in installments?

Absolutely, you can either pay in full or in an installment plan listed below that works for you.

When does the program start?

The program begins Monday, October 19th, 2015 and runs through the 2nd week of December. Each Wednesday, we meet on the phone at 8:30pm Eastern, there will be a few weeks we will meet on different days to change it up so that everyone can join in live. (All calls will be recorded in case you can’t make one, but it is always best to make it live!)

Will you be running the program again?

The next time I open the doors to The After 5 Club Mastermind will be in early-mid 2016. If you want to wait until then, go for it. But if you want to make some major IMPACT in your life and business I highly suggest you take the course now and be ready to rock it out when 2016 begins!

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